Kaptai Lake - কাপ্তাই হ্রদ

Kaptai Lake - কাপ্তাই হ্রদ

Chattogram Rangamati

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Kaptai Lake

The main reason for coming to Rangamati is to enjoy the scenic splendor of Kaptai Lake, the country's largest artificial lake, which was created in 1960, The lake, dotted with islands, is unquestionably beautiful and a boat trip across a fantastic way to spend a day out here.



Construction of the reservoir for the hydroelectric plant began in 1956 by the Government of East Pakistan. As a result, 54,000 acres (220 km2) of farmland in the Rangamati District went underwater and created the lake. The hydroelectric project was funded by the United States. The project was finished in 1962. International Engineering Company and Utah International Inc. received the contract for the construction of the dam. The dam is 670.8 meters long and 54.7 meters high. The dam has a 745 feet (227 m) long spillway containing 16 gates. Through the spillway, 5,250,000 cu ft/s (149,000 m3/s) of water can pass.

The land that went underwater as a result of the dam construction, was 40% of the total arable land in the area. Along with that, 29 square miles (75 km2) of the Government-owned forest, and 234 square miles (610 km2) of other forest land went underwater. About 18,000 families with a total of almost 100 thousand people were also displaced. The palace of the king of the Chakmas was also flooded and is now underwater.


How To Go

By using road/train/air from any place to Chattogram, then By local transport to Destination. Speed ​​boats and boats are available for hire at the reserve market, Tabalchhari, and tourist wharves. The rent is Rs. 1200-1500 / - per hour for speed boat and Rs. 500-600 / - for domestic boat.